How can I get my credit card companies to offer me lower monthly payments?

Hi everyone,

I am running into some difficulty making payments on my credit cards. My debt is 35 000 and bankruptcy / debt consolidation is NOT an option since I know they only remedy the symptom.

I want to pay my way out of this, but I need to be realistic and I have accepted that paying the monthly on these is creating too much strain on me, makes me feel like I’m “going nowhere”, and ultimately is leading to neither me nor the creditors getting what they want.

The interest is too high. I’ve tried discussing with the company who recently penalized me with a 5% increase (from 19 to 24) for missing a payment by a week to lower it. They declined and were unhelpful and dismissive.

So I am asking you all who have experience– what can I do to conclusively lower my monthly payment with each company and hopefully the interest rate as well?

I mean it’s either that or they’re not going to get their money at all.

I am open to advice, but experienced answers only please.

Thank you,
My credit score is 590 — was 654 six months ago. Being someone that always makes payments on time, I am concerned.

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